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We are GOPING.

We are a dynamic platform for collection and recycling.
We believe in taking direct action.
We believe in the kind of personal initiative that leads to a collective effort.
We believe in cooperation with businesses and organizations that want to serve a larger than life cause.

We know that we can make a difference for our planet, starting from our beaches.
One butt each. One beach together.

Action requires a motivational message, so
Let’s Go GOPING!


new volunteers have joined our team. Very proud!

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kg of cigarette waste has been collected and recycled by GOPING

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km of coastline in Attica are completely free of cigarette sticks

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percent of earth is covered by great rainforest.

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United for
a Clean Beach

GOPING develops novel, responsible and sustainable initiatives, starting from collection and recycling processes and collaborating with food and drink establishments at organized beaches along Attica’s coastlines.

Special collection bins and our beach ashtrays have been placed at numerous seaside estab-lishments.

Once full, their contents are transported to licensed waste management facilities that benefit of the circular economy.


Every year in Greece alone, smokers buy 1.1 million packs. Annually, on a global scale, 4,5 trillion butts end up polluting the environment. In forests, parks, streets, beaches and the sea.

The result is the same either way: these materials pose a huge threat to the environment, even larger than that posed by plastic bottles, straws and other single-use plastics that end up on beaches and in the sea.

Filters are made of a plastic called cellulose acetate. When tossed into the environment, not only plastic but also chemical substances such as nicotine, heavy metals, and many other chemicals are leaked into the surrounding landscape.

Inhibit plant growth

end up in seas and oceans

are a major hazard to marine animals, which can eat them.

Let’s become part of the solution!
Let’s go GOPING

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Let’s make some noise. Let’s go GOPING!

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