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Change is in the air – Let’s Go GOPING!

The pollution caused by butts and filters in our environment is a huge and literally toxic problem. The urgent need to find a way to stop ecological destruction resulted in a big leap towards change.

GOPING was created with a strong goal and vision to generate positive change.

What is GOPING?

We are a dynamic platform for collection and recycling of butts.

GOPING is a contemporary and evolving company that promotes a new, responsible and sustainable practice, which starts with the collection of butts and ends with them being recycled. For the collection process we collaborate with a series of businesses at Attica’s organized beaches. Project GOPING is ambitious, inspired and pragmatic. Our chief aim is to limit the unrestricted disposal of waste in public spaces and raise environmental awareness in the public. Our greatest goal is to achieve the best possible results for a healthy environment.

What does GOPING mean?

The idea behind the name came from the need to act and react against the gopa (butt in Greek). GOPING comes from “goping” i.e. the energy of deforestation in the army. So we chose to create a pun that could evolve into a slogan: the English word Go together with the word ping which has a musicality, aptly expresses our incentive while also creating awareness in the world about the fight against the gopa.

We believe in action. Action requires a motivational message, so Let’s Go GOPING!

How is the GOPING collection carried out?

Everything starts from setting a good intent and having the desire to act. The recycling process we use is simple and effective.

We make sure that our collaborators at beach bars have our specially-designed ashtrays. In turn, they supply their clients with these during their time on the beach. That way, butts don’t end up buried under the sand or strewn around sun loungers and they won’t end up swimming with us in the sea.

At the same time, we provide special recycling bins, from where we collect the butts and recycle them

How are the butts recycled?

POLYGREEN A.E., our partner in the collection and processing of waste, is a fully integrated waste management company that uses innovative cutting-edge methods and technologies for intelligent waste management. After collection, all butts undergo special processing. Ash, tobacco and paper are driven to management for compost production. The filter, which is essentially a plastic material, is processed through mechanical recycling and turned into a recycled that can be used in various products.

What can GOPING achieve?

We’re confident that we can achieve a great deal. Change happens one butt at a time.

We know that one small wave can generate more waves and currents of change.

We believe in the butterfly effect: according to that theory, if a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon it can cause rainfall in China.

An tiny change in the flow of events of within a system is enough to cause a different outcome and a drastic change in the environment.

We believe it. We put it into practice. One change is enough for the project to succeed.

Our vision is a waste-free environment, focusing on the disposal of municipal and industrial waste.

The goals we want to achieve are as clear as our vision:

  1. Restriction of uncontrolled disposal of butts in public spaces.
  2. Cleaning, collection and recycling of butts.
  3. Promoting the circular economy.
  4. Raising environmental consciousness and awareness.


Because every big change starts with small but critical changes in our habits.

Because it’s not enough to just try and limit the amount of butts that end up on our coastlines and seas.

Because it’s about time that an alternative and “green” management system is put into action for controlling and reversing the waste created by butts, so that a part of them can be recycled and used as a new material.

Because our environment needs a campaign of indisputable love from all of us. It doesn’t require more than a few small changes in our daily habits.

Because these small changes will lead to a huge change in the public mentality, which will benefit the environment and as a result, us too.

Because each of us can leave our positive mark in nature and essentially contribute to the creation of a sustainable and healthy ecosystem.

Because every year 19-38% of total waste gathered on a global level at beach clean-ups is made up of butts.

For many decades we are all contributing to a growing environmental problem and an imbalanced ecosystem. It’s time we all, individually, become part of the solution instead.

The key for change?

Let’s Go GOPING!


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