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The pollution caused by butts and filters in our environment is a huge and literally toxic problem. The urgent need to find a way to stop ecological destruction resulted in a big leap towards change.

GOPING was created with a strong goal and vision to generate this positive change.

Innovation & Technology

POLYGREEN A.E.,the visionary behind the GOPING concept, is a company that specializes in the design and implementation of Cyclical Economy practices, especially for post-consumer waste.
When not properly managed, waste has a direct consequence on the degradation of the landscape and its aesthetic beauty, as well as consequent negative effects on the wider economy of a place.
It’s a fully integrated waste management company that employs innovative methods and cutting-edge technologies for intelligent waste management.

After the collection process, all the butts undergo a special processing using innovative technologies that benefit of the circular economy.
From the butts collected, the ash, tobacco and paper are further processed for the production of compost.
The filter, which is essentially a plastic material, undergoes mechanical recirculation for the production of a secondary material that’s used as a new construction material for various products.

Our Vision

We’re confident that we can achieve a great deal. Change happens one butt at a time. Our vision is to create a waste-free environment.

Our goals are clear:

Containment of the unrestricted disposal of butts in public spaces.

Cleaning, collection and recycling of butts.

Applying circular economy practices.

Creating and enhancing environmental awareness.

Filters / Butts:

Inhibit plant growth,
end up in seas and oceans,
are a major hazard to marine animals, which can eat them.

Pollution from butts:

Every year in Greece alone, smokers buy 1.1 million packs. Annually, on a global scale, 4,5 trillion butts end up polluting the environment. In forests, parks, streets, beaches and the sea.

Cellulose Acetate

Filters are made of a plastic called cellulose acetate. When tossed into the environment, not only plastic but also chemical substances such as nicotine, heavy metals, and many other chemicals are leaked into the surrounding landscape.

GOPING is the sound of urgency for the good of our planet!

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